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What makes Meiro CDP unique?

If you have done your research, you realize that not all customer data platforms are created equally. Meiro is a second generation, purpose built, full stack CDP. When we say a full stack, we mean it: 1st party data collector, data integration layer, smart data model, data delivery module, and segmentation app for business users. All of this designed to integrate into your native IT environment.


Meiro Events

Meiro Events is a product we built as the first layer of the CDP stack in reaction to recent privacy changes to address the need of collecting customer data on web and in apps persistently over time with 100% quality. Read here why.

Complete data

You don’t have many good and affordable options to collect complete mobile and web user behaviour data. With Meiro, you have the full configuration available. You can also configure it to track every and any user action and most importantly it works on any device. Chrome in private setting, Safari, Mozilla or even Brave. It is considered a native part of your web or mobile app.

First party approach

Meiro is flexible. It is not SaaS. It works servers side. This means that it doesn’t get blocked by ad blockers and isn’t affected by recent privacy restrictions on most browsers and even ITP 2. Data is collected into your own server, even if we run it for you. In our environment, the customer’s data set is never in a shared space by default.

Real time & Use Cases

Meiro Events is useful even if you don’t have or can’t yet justify full Customer Data Platform implementation. You will gain a complete picture of your user base behavior on your digital platforms.

You can configure the sharing of events data to other analytic tools so it is a router as well as collector. Or you can use it to feed directly other systems like recommendation engines or personalization tools.

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Data management

Meiro CDP is location-agnostic – it comes to your data no matter where that data is: on premise or in the cloud. We use strict security frameworks and understand the importance of location and local interest.

You maintain full data ownership, on your terms, on premise or in a private cloud. Your data is yours and yours alone.

Data governance is in your hands and data is prepared to your internal security standards.

We maintain the principle of least privilege, Meiro CDP only needs to read, it doesn’t write. You maintain full control over all access points and user rights.

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The Importance of Data Location

On-premise CDPs are supposed to be impossible, but Meiro CDP is just that. For you, it means unprecedented data governance and integrity. We care deeply about the safety of your data and, as an administrator of your Meiro CDP environment, you have complete control over who has access to what data and who can see PII data independently.

During each ingestion of new data, Meiro CDP maps every row back to its original source – effectively mapping your data silos, sources, and systems. So, next time a customer asks to have their data deleted, finding it is simple. And, it’s a white box solution, so you can bring your own algorithms to it.

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Single Customer View

It all starts here. You don’t need 26 views of a customer in every tool. You need one. One that is updated in real time and contains data from all main company touchpoints. This allows you to segment, target, and personalize on the fly.

Meiro pays special attention to data collection with its intelligent data layer and data collector. This is often a weak point of MarTech systems. High quality and clean data are the foundation.

Another critical part is Identity Graph, the algorithmic way to recognize customers on different platforms and connect their different timelines of data in real time.

Our customers also love that in Meiro they can maintain multiple variations of customer identity definitions, which is appreciated in cross-departmental use cases.

The actual physical view of a customer isn’t that useful. The genius is in the data model. You need to be able to quickly design triggers that will launch the right action on the right platform when certain behavioral conditions are met. An example is to remove a customer from the nauseating remarketing campaigns as soon as you have learned they transacted.

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What the Single Customer View Means for You

Identity stitching at this level is hard to execute. The key is in the data preparation that underpins the Meiro CDP and sets it apart from DMPs and other systems. Data is collected, consolidated, and perfectly-prepared automatically and transparently. This is the end of wasted time on manual data prep. The result is a timeline view, at the single-customer level, of behaviour-based attributes like email and web engagement, in-store purchases, customer support experiences, and any other touchpoint.

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Data availability

Meiro CDP makes your data available for every business unit. Marketers and customer experience teams can build rich custom audiences on-the-fly, business intelligence teams have clean and comprehensive data to analyze, and more.

Build custom audiences, microsegments, and lookalike audiences in seconds with an easy-to-use interface built especially for non-technical teams

Leverage behavioural signals from multiple touchpoints to build deep personalisations

Data science and BI teams have easy access to clean, consolidated, standardized data – and are no longer wasting time on data prep

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Next Generation Data Availability

Meiro CDP stops at the “last mile” of activation. It’s not a replacement for your marketing automation, customer experience, or BI tools – it enables to you use these tools far more effectively by supplying rich, reliable customer data to them.

Meiro uses machine learning and AI to build custom segments based on insights from your entire, unified database – automatically.

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