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Data consolidation

Perfectly-prepared data through automatic data collection and cleansing. Stop wasting time on data cleansing and start reaching the right people.


Rich customer profile

Build a rich, detailed picture of your customers across every platform and use behavioural insights to build deep personalisations in real time.


AI powered segmentation

Stop guessing and let our advanced AI and machine learning algorithms decide on the best audience segmentations - tailored to your use case.

Here's what Meiro CDP can do

It's not just data consolidation and cleansing - Meiro activates your data, making it accessible and usable for any team, regardless of technical ability.


A comprehensive overview of your customers based on connected information from every data source.


An essential part of Meiro - our intelligent data layer that organizes your customer behavior according to attributes in the customer data model.


Design smart segments on-the-fly or let our algorithms tell you who to target and when.

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