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Data Analyst

Before you start reading, let’s do a quick check if this is worth your time.

For starters, we are not a typical company. Neither is this a typical role. We don’t have an office and are a completely distributed business across 8 time zones. If you are looking for a cushy corporate career-fast-track job with foosball table and three meals a day at the office, I’d recommend you swipe left on this one.

Still reading? Good, let us tell you who we are, who we think you are and who we are.


The founding team has 8+ years of presence in Singapore and APAC market with wide range of experience from digital analytics to enterprise software.  We began by implementing data projects for clients across the entire region in the space of Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, ETL & Advanced Analytics.  With our services, we have expertise and reputation for the best in class data engineering, API integration, systems automation and more.  In the process, we realized that data to one place or to the dashboard is not enough and decided to focus on ‘actionable data’. Learn more about our team’s and product’s vision here.  We strongly encourage you to research our product or even asking us to try it before you apply for this role.

Our clients and partners in the region range from Singapore, Hong Kong to New Zealand and from startup unicorns to traditional Telco or Bank with brands, everyone recognizes.

We are currently organised around two hubs, one in Brno, Czech Republic where our product team is based and Singapore, where our analytics, client services and sales team are. We work from coworking spaces, alllowing part time flexi work from home to those who like that. Because of this setup, our values are ultimate trust, openness and responsibility. We are big on building the data community – you might have already heard about Shelovesdata.com community platform. Foremost, when looking for talent, we care about attitude more than we care about diplomas and hard skills.



We don’t expect you to be a super(wo)man, at least not just yet. With the right attitude, lots of the technical skills can be learned really quickly, we are more interested in the cultural fit and the attitude, we are at the end pretty weird bunch


Rather than a plain old job description, we asked one of our best analysts to lay it down for you, what does it mean to be a data analyst at Meiro. Fasten your seat belt and let’s get into it. In a nutshell, my job involves:

From the technical perspective it helps to:

  • Be familiar with visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, ggplot2,d3
  • Be familiar with REST APIs and experience with using POSTMAN
  • Have experience with building ETL pipelines
  • SQL and databases. We come across all flavours of SQL on a daily basis. How to construct efficient queries for transforming and cleaning data. If something is not fast/efficient enough, could an index here and there help?
  • Be somewhat familiar with Python or R which you will need for data transformation that SQL is not able to handle or too slow
  • Be familiar with basic data structures and  data types i.e.integers, strings
  • Know essential data transfer formats (csv, json), and familiarity with finding exact  information inside API documentation and you have to figure out what’s what and how to call correct endpoints
  • Have basic knowledge about data modelling and data schema

If this didn’t scare you, take a stab, send us a nice note and tell us about projects you did. Resume helps too, a Linkedin profile is fine. You can reach us at work@meiro.io.

Cant' find what you are looking for? We love a challenge, so drop us a message and let's see if we can work it out!

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